How Do We Succeed?

At Stalwart, we try to keep things simple. We hire only the best and brightest, who think security in everything we do, and care about getting it right the first time.

When you build a team like ours, you only need three rules...

Why Do We Exist?

We exist to love people by making a good shoe and selling it for a fair price.

Core Virtues and Beliefs

At Stalwart, we recognize that in order to really differentiate and excel, we must focus on the virtues that drive our actions. We call them “core” because they are foundational to who we are and how we behave in every sphere of life. They are “virtues” because we do not believe in situational ethics.

Everything else about our business will change, but by adhering to these core virtues and beliefs, Stalwart can be different and better in a lasting way. As a member of the Stalwart team, we expect to reinforce our Core Virtues & Beliefs through our actions both in and outside the company.

Organizational Commitments

  • We act with honesty and integrity in everything we do.
  • We love people through respect, fairness and compassion.
  • We steward time and money thoughtfully, whether ours or someone else’s.
  • We submit to authority unless it violates conscience.
  • We do our best, because it’s honoring to all and to the work itself.

The Stalwart Way

We Ride For The Brand

Everybody wins because we “ride for the brand,” an expression from cattle ranching days of old. Our brand represents pride of ownership, duty and purpose. It inspires loyalty, dedication and camaraderie. We are concerned for the good of the whole. None of us is better than all of us. We ride for the brand.

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