13,826 Security Events

How do you find the 3 that matter?

Stalwart Security Operations Center

What happens when you combine:

  • Three state-of-the-art, 24x7x365, data centers;

  • Security professionals hired for their expertise and character;

  • A customizable, not dictated, approach to managed services;

  • Shared access to the consoles monitoring your environment?

Secure, aware, and happy clients.

End-to-End Security Management

Consult and Plan

Our deep understanding of customer business drivers and technology produces sound recommendations with a spotless track record of success.

Design and Implement

Experienced engineers take ownership of the desired business outcome to produce viable designs and fully functional systems backed by an unconditional guarantee.

Audit and Validate

Stalwart provides Cyber Security validation services including penetration testing, traditional auditing and plan-to-actual analysis.

Manage and Escalate

On-premise and Remote Tier 1 and 2 Cyber-Security Monitoring with optional 24x7x365 coverage, follow-the-sun support, hosted and customer premise technologies and intelligent, meaningful escalation.

Cyber-Defense Monitoring and Management

  • Device management, administration and support
  • Tier 1 and 2 Security Operations
  • Log event management, monitoring and correlation
  • Data Loss Prevention, Application Control, Anti-Malware and Advanced Threat detection and mitigation
  • IPS and Firewall management, monitoring and optimization

Reliable and Versatile

  • Customer Premise, Private Cloud and SaaS capabilities
  • 24x7x365 Security Operations Awareness
  • "Follow the Sun" capability roll-out planned for Q4 2015

Our SOC Embraces the TriShield Differentiators

  • Many IT providers have only recently gained their interest in security. Stalwart has been security-focused since day 1.
  • Stalwart security engineers understand IT and the drivers of the business it supports.
  • Our shared-access model provides complete visibility and transparency into our work in your environment.
  • Unsurpassed reporting and account management practices are reinforced by an organization-wide "take care of the customer" culture.
  • We believe that well paid, highly trained and motivated engineers provide more customer value and better service. Our hiring and management processes focus on both character and competence.

More About TMS

Stalwart has set the bar so high for the competition that I doubt any can clear it.

Ken Sparks, Electrical Power Research Institute

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